Story Pitch: Can High Schoolers Unlearn Misogyny?

Can misogyny be reversed through education? We would like to learn how students can change their misogynistic beliefs and behaviors throughout high school. We are hoping to interview high school students from the ages 14-18 both male and female. Furthering our research, we would also like to interview some experts both male and female, including high school counselors, teachers, and community organizations engaged in abuse of women.
When interviewing students we would like to get insight into why some young women feel they have to portray a certain image in order to be accepted, and why some young men feel it’s okay to follow society’s negative ideas about women. We hope to shine more light in high schools dealing with the abuse of women. While we’ve heard a lot in the media about sexual assaults on college campuses, high schoolers have yet to be fully educated on the history of why these events occur towards women.

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