Creative Control!

In the city where the winds blow, Chicago, is now more ever at a time of crisis.

Spilling over the hands of social media and into to our latest mobile devices comes horrid videos of brutal police encounters with seemingly innocent bystanders. Mainstream news has began to exploit these situations of violence and have carefully painted a portrait of Chicago that has to much blood in the landscape. Violent events like these creates ripples within the community. We’re showing how Creatives in the local communities express themselves after learning of these grisly incidents in their community.

 By gathering the most recent updates on incidents of police brutality in Chicago we are provide the viewers with a foundation of information to better understand why the situation is a serious one and creatives that can transform this sad tale to an enlightening experience deserving of their story to be told. 

By Joshua Perez, Justin Johnson, Jaaliyah Linson, Gabby Jakar

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