Story Pitch: How are the Mentally Ill Prone to Police Harassment?

In our story we are going to discuss how the mentally ill are more prone to police harassment, nearly a quarter of both State prisoners and jail inmates who had a mental health problem, compared to a fifth of those without, had served 3 or more prior incarcerations. We will get in touch with Jennifer McGowan who is staff of the national alliance on mental illness (NAMI). We also want to interview police officers and employees of the police department. We want to also contact the mother of a victim of mental sickness who was killed by the police and the sergeant of the Chicago police department. We will determine the causes of harassment and where it stems from. We will also discuss how to deal with these people in their state of help.  The motivation for this story is the fact that the mentally ill don’t have many people to stand for them. We feel though this story we give them a voice and allow others to be aware of the struggles of the mentally ill dealing with police harassment. We will research the percentage of mentally ill arrest in Illinois compared to non-mentally ill arrest, the mentally ill police homicide percentage, and what kind of mental illnesses are affected the most by police arrests and harassment.

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