Story Pitch: Gov. Rauner’s Stopgap on Education: When will a permanent solution for education funding be established?

After months of planning, Gov. Rauner has developed another temporary solution in order to fund Illinois colleges. The issue of underfunding for education has been a problem in Illinois for numerous years and only temporary solutions have been established. With Rauner’s stopgap budget he has allocated just over $11 billion in state and federal dollars and higher education institutions $1 billion. By funneling $1 billion towards the state higher education, institutions are able to be open during the Fall semester. However, when will a permanent solution be created to stabilize education funding in Illinois? We are seeking to gather information regarding the future steps for education funding whether it be permanent or temporary, for the result will impact the livelihoods of students.

For example, in the current situation with the temporary solution we want to know how students are being affected. Are they starting school later, paying more for school due to receiving less aid due to the budget, and are they concerned whether they will continue their education because of these issues? We want to have discussions with current Chicago students relating to these types of questions about how they are affected with the stopgap and their opinions on what should happen to reach a permanent solution. Also, our team plans on attending events regarding financial aid at college open houses to learn about how the school is being affected by the stopgap.

By Ron Washington, Porsche Jones, Tyrone Burnett, Martez Crosby

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