Story Pitch: How does the education system connect to the prison system in Chicago?

Our group is going to report about community safety under the branches of education and police brutality. We will do this by synthesizing and analyzing data regarding the school to prison pipeline. According to the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research, 33% of African American boys and 23% of African American girls received out of school suspensions in the 2013-14 school year. Also according to MFC the chicago public schools rely on the police to resolve its discipline problems therefore making the point of the school to prison pipeline. We are going to interview Jonathan McLin, a former high school student, to get personal insight on how suspension affects students. We’re also interviewing Timothy Gronholm, a former teacher, to get his opinion on this issue. This story is newsworthy because it impacts our community by showing a subtle correlation between the education and prison system that mainly affects minorities.

Our story shows how suspension and expulsion effects youth and correlates to youth in the prison system. We hope to shed light on this topic in order to reform the education system.

Group 5: Bobbi McSwine, Sarah Ford, Essence Green, and Justice Jones.

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