Story Pitch: What are People Within the African American Community Doing In Order to Prevent Violence?


Television, radio, and social media have become our norm for finding out about the happenings of the world. Essentially, they control the things that we see and digest on a daily basis. Right now one of the most prevalent “story lines”, is that of what some would like to call a genocide of African American people. Following these stories, we see and hear about the nationwide movement – Black Lives Matter. A lot of people are well aware of this movement, however some still ask, what are those within the black community actually doing to influence change on violence? We plan to answer this question by shedding light on peaceful and non-peaceful and secular and faith-based protests and gatherings that all have the one goal of decreasing “on black” violence (police on black, and black on black). Activists, organizers, and infiltrators of events that gather to accomplish this goal, such as youth activist Jazmen McKinnor, will be who we talk to. We also will look at homicide rates, mainly in Chicago. While it is true that nationally every 28 hours a black person is killed by a cop, it is also true that specifically in Chicago a person is shot every two hours, 77 percent of those are black people. We hope to shed light on what the African American community is doing and what they could do to help. Although people may have different views on what they could do to help and what works we want to show what is being done and what is actually effective. Our nation and especially our city has had extensive coverage on how blacks are being killed by their own people, and slaughtered by cops. But what about the positive things that are being done in order to prevent violence?

By: Johnny Thrower, Manesha Barnes, and Sharonda Clark

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