Protecting Families: Deporting Parents of US-born citizens

In 2009 a Bolingbrook man, Jose Juan Moreno, was convicted of aggravated DUI and was ordered to leave the United States to return to his home country of Mexico by an immigration judge in November 2012.. Moreno’s appeal for his DUI was reduced to misdemeanors and dismissed in January 2014. Moreno has 5 children born in the United States who are aged from 2 to 14. According to Chicago Tribune, Jose took sanctuary at University Church, after being told he could voluntarily leave back to his home country of Mexico on April 15. We Spoke with Carla Espinoza, a Immigration Lawyer and Reyna Wence, who is OCAD Activist Organizer about Jose case and how DAPA(Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents) has played a role in his case. 

“Leaving my children behind is not a choice I can make. That’s why I’ve asked for sanctuary in this church,” Jose Juan told Real Chi Youth. “I’ve lived here for 16 years, have built a life here. My children are all citizens, and my wife could qualify for DAPA. All I am asking for is a chance to see my children grow and support my family.” -Jose Moreno


By: Mike Key Jr., Tatiana Franklin, and Manesha Barnes

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