Chicago Teachers Set To Strike

According to the article “Chicago Teachers Union practice vote says 97 percent agree to strike” reported by WGN News, 97% of the Chicago Teachers Union members voted to strike. Teachers are being told to save their money for what could be a “protracted strike” as reported by DNAinfo. After CPS Chief Executive Officer, Forrest Claypool warned that 5,000 layoffs might be necessary if the state is not given an additional $500 million, the union threats for a strike came in. Union president Karen Lewis previously rejected the 5,000 layoffs calling it a “ridiculous proposal” and would require the reprogramming of about 300 schools affecting as many as 300,000 students. Lewis continues on to say “It’s a waste of time, energy and effort, you cannot blow up schools because you don’t have any money.” Schools have reduced budgets, cut special education and other important programs. Claypool warned that if the budget issue was not fixed by February 5th, school districts would face massive cuts and the layoffs of 5,000 teachers. We are looking to interview someone from the Chicago’s Teachers Union or the President Karen Lewis herself. We are also looking to interview a student to get their point of view on this issue. The way we are going to tell this story is through a profile piece, telling the story of current and upcoming teacher strikes and the possible solutions for this issue. We are telling this story because this possibly affects 300,000 students and their education. This strike could resemble the 2013 school closing strikes, which did not have a positive outcome.

By: Mike Key Jr., Patty Macias, and Janiela McKinney

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