Chicago Police Settlements

Doing research on police violence in Chicago, we were shocked to see the amount paid out each year by the city to families who have lost someone to police misconduct. The family of Aaron Harrison, a teenager shot and killed by police in the North Lawndale community in 2007, was awarded $8.5 million. We choose this topic because Aaron’s story has not been told and we wanted to go back to the first case the Independent Police Review Authority ruled on.
We talked with two lawyers, James D Montgomery and Russell Ainsworth, who are experienced with IPRA settlements. We interviewed them to get the legal point of view and see how families pursue justice when they feel they had been wronged by police. We also interviewed a Black Youth Project activist, Joan Fadayiro, because she attends police actions around the city and talks with people about problems within the neighborhoods. We also talked with a local resident because she had a personal story about her nephew who was shot by police. Her family did not pursue justice and we were interested in the reasons of why. This is important because local residents are concerned about that police misconduct is on the rise in their neighborhoods.

By: Ronald Reese, Johnny Thower

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