Story Pitch: Are Young People Shot More by CPD?

According to the Independent Police Review Authority  (IPRA), in the city of Chicago 65 people were shot by police between the years of 2014-2015. Out of those 65 Individuals 26 were fatal.  Certain events that we’re going to explore if individuals between the ages 13-24 are being fatally shot by police more? Exploring this topic is important because we have seen police and protect instead of abuse their power and authority against the youth. For example, Laquan McDonald was a 17-year-old that was fatally shot 16 times by a Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke. A dash cam video was released showing the certain events that led up to his death. Looking into this information we will try to prove that our young are being victims of gun violence and abuse is true. We are asking is the decrease in indictments is a reason for more youth deaths? We’ll answer this using the data we created from interviewing criminal justice officials, attorneys, youth who have been victims of police brutality as well as people who have personal encounters with police officials.  

By Chelsea Barry, Monzell McKnight, Patty Macias and Yana Kuchinoff

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