Story Pitch : “Fed Up Friday”: Lincoln Park Students Make A Statement

Fed up with budget cuts, about 300 students at Lincoln Park High dubbed Friday February 12 “Fed Up Friday” and walked out of school at 9:55am in protest. “Today we call it ‘Fed Up Friday’ because we are fed up with the actions of the governor and the actions of CPS in general,”  Adia Njie, a junior told ABC. The youth at Lincoln Park High are realising the power of their collective voice and putting it into action in an attempt to hold those in charge accountable, and we want to shine a light on that voice. This isn’t Lincoln Park’s 1st rodeo, in 2013 the school fired eight teachers, prompting another walk out on May 2nd. This all makes for an interesting follow up story because CPS has since begun doing mid-school year budget cuts. Schools laid off a total of 62 employees throughout the district Monday, including 17 teachers. In addition, the district has said it will eliminate the pension pickup for teachers. We are looking to interview any Students like Adia Njie from Lincoln Park to speak on the walk out and any teachers willing to speak on what they saw from students. Also, speak on the current state of affairs between the teachers union and CPS.

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