Meet Real Chi Youth Reporter: Bradley West


I’m Bradley West, 20, I’m a Real Chi Youth reporter. Also, apart of OCN creative network. I’m currently a beginning DJ, I have a strong love for music and sports. I can ESPN and chill all day. I want to cover stories that inform and educate the youth on what affects them, what’s going on around them, and what’s coming next. I think our current justice system needs a renovation. Cop or not, murder is murder. In politics we need more politicians not in it for money or power, but purely for the purposes of serving the people. And for the ones with ulterior motives, we the people need to do a better job of identifying them, and holding them accountable. The youth voice is so important to me because I feel like we not only have the power to swing an election, whether it be locally or all the way to presidential election but, we ourselves are also the country’s future alderman, presidents, teachers and so on. The sooner we wake up and realize we not only have a voice and the power behind that voice, the better off our country will be when our days come as the leaders of it.

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