Real Chi Reflection: Mike Key Jr.

Hey I’m Michael Key Jr., Real Chi Youth reporter,

This fall I want to refocus myself on, if the youth feel represented, respected, and safe within political candidates campaign policies (Education, Immigration, etc.) and the current justice system. My more recent RCY works are the Chicago Teachers’ strike editorial and the Iowa Caucus visit with Mikva Challenge.

I would want to tell stories about youth who feel vulnerable to the current justice system (School-To-Prison Pipeline, Blue-On-Black deaths, etc.) and presidential candidates policies on education (and/or immigration or jobs). Stories about youth representation are important because of the a wide group of that audience are people/citizens/immigrants that are affected.

I want to see change in the voting process for money at city level, as far as a city investments, companies (Planned Parenthood, Children’s Home+Aid, CPS, etc.) budget cuts becoming a democratic vote. It would display equality and involvement of all ages.

The question, “ Why are so many public schools closing or becoming charter”, is one I want answered.


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