Meet Real Chi Reporter: Joseph Green

My name is Joseph, i’m 21 of age I’m from Chicago south/westside and Im from a neighborhood known as the “holy city”. What matters to me? My family and what I mean by family is the people that been by my side doing the bad not just the good. #2, My Legacy, my stamp in life not only as a man, a brother, a son, but as a human being the way people will remember me after I’m gone. #3, What matters to me is establishing a Foundation, an empire I can pass on to my future children to achieve my goals that Im setting for myself. What I think of the Chicago media? It’s a bunch of garbage. I would change a lot about the Chicago Media because they only show half of what actually goes on. I would like to talk about Police brutality and the fact that they discriminate against not just AFRICAN AMERICANS but also LATIN AMERICANS. It will open up the people of the public eye.

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