Reflection: Reporting on McCarthy’s Firing and McDonald’s Death

We went out to film the Memorial of LaQuan McDonald and interview some people off the street on their thoughts if Mayor Emanuel should be removed from office. We went on 47th and Pulaski to interview the people from the same community as McDonald. We talked to two people of the community, Kenneth Wright and Debra Samuels. The video was pretty good, the interviewees have some good strong opinions on The Chicago Police Department and on Mayor Rahm Emanuel. I’m happy that the justice system in Chicago is taking actions to removing the people who mishandle their authority. The shooting of LaQuan McDonald was painful to watch. It scared me to realize that there are some police authorities that would do this to me just because of the color of my skin. It was a lot of mixed emotions involved in this project because of the previous video releasings of police officers abusing their power. I want to tell the stories of the people who have been mishandled by the officers, but was to afraid to open up about it. I have learned that not every officer can be trusted; that when you have an encounter with an officer, do exactly what he/she says to avoid conflict even if you haven’t done nothing wrong.

By: Monzell McKnight

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