Reflection: A Change In The Police Department Following McDonald’s Death

The story I went to film was based on the reactions to the firing of Superintendent Garry McCarthy of the Chicago Police Department. I was to get opinions from various people. We went to 47th and Pulaski to do interviews by Target. We chose there because by it being a local store we figured we would see more people and it was near where Laquan McDonald was killed. I talked to three people. One guy and two women. The video made was very opinionated and filled with great responses. People thought that McCarthy being fired was well needed and was an improvement for the Police department. Some thought the shooting of Laquan Mcdonald was not necessary and that the killing took too long for a response. To do this assignment I felt honored to be trusted with equipment and interacting with people about this issue. Surrounding this issue, another story I would want to tell is how do people feel about the killing of Rekia Boyd? I learned that McCarthy was fired because I wasn’t informed of that and I learned that people really appreciate the action took.

By: Tatiana Franklin

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