Story Pitch: What is it Like to be a Black Chicago Police Officer?

Our group decided to cover a story about the misconduct toward African American with the police department in Chicago. We decided to show what it like to be a Black policeman. As accusations that the police department is racist toward African Americans rise across the country, we want to see how this will affect an African American that is in the police department. According to the Invisible Institute’s Citizens Police Data Project, “which houses police disciplinary information obtained from the City of Chicago,” while 61 percent of blacks that filed a complaint against police officers only 25 percent of the complaint were sustained. Meanwhile 21 percent of the total complaints were filed by whites and roughly 58 percent of those complaint were sustained, according to data. We want to examine what some of these officers are feeling about this data. We plan to tell this story video, picture and audio. We believe showing the feeling with video and capturing the emotion with picture can impact someone from Chicago deeply. We are trying to interview an African American police officer, a retired cop and hopefully someone who works with racial issues in chicago. We hope to have this done within the month and hopefully tell the story how it should be told.

By Jessica Lawrence, Ronald Reese and Darnisha Washington