Story Pitch: Understanding Unemployment, Crime and Police Misconduct

The story is about economically motivated police abuse.

A comparison of the North Lawndale, Rogers Park and Englewood communities and police complaints/consequences within various police encounters. We’ll consider race and historical facts that make policing in the neighborhoods both different, and the same.

It matters because it will infuse a voice with an action which initiates solution. It matters because there will be a way to be more informative and supportive to the human interest rather than the displayed audience.

There can be factual information such as statistics in these areas that show how many complaints against police and unemployment rates in these neighborhoods.

The main sources will be residents, a personal story,

We would tell this story by using visual numbers and actual residents of the neighborhood. We would like to film the different neighborhoods to see the comparison in the neighborhoods so there is more of an understanding behind these neighborhood shootings and police violence we hope that when can really get an insight into what’s going on in these neighborhoods and how are the police really treating people or misusing their power of authority.

We would like to talk to a retired police officer because they can talk freely about the police system, a current officer because they can be helpful in explaining tactics and motives, and people who have experienced or witnessed police abuse. In the North Lawndale community: Homan Square, there are 7,000 disappeared detainees in the interrogation facility, according to a recent investigation by The Guardian.

By Antiaria Curry, Tatiana Franklin and Gabriella Jakar

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