Keeping It Real Chi with Brey’ Mong-Delane

My name is Brey’ Mong-Delane. Working with Real Chi has given me the chance to notice what is happening in and around my City and within my community while also giving me a chance to speak up about it.  This fall I decided to step outside of myself and work on politics. I feel our youth community is not so much in touch with politics, including myself. Politics by definition is the practice and theory of influencing other people and within politics it’s important to make sure you are being influenced by the right people, the people that’s on your side. Within Chicago media, I believe the problem is a lack of of positive stories. The positive stories that the media likes to portray are mostly  things about animals or a weird thing that someone did in their free time. We need more stories surrounding positive things that people are doing for each other or for their communities, we need positive stories about youth and their achievements. You mostly hear about youth in the media when it seems to be negative coverage. Changing Chicago’s media would change how the world views Chicago if we were to show the relevant positives rather than always the negative.

By Brey’ Mong-Delane