Keeping it Real Chi with Monzell


Hi my name is Monzell McKnight and I am apart of Real Chi Youth. The media, of today’s society, likes to cover up the policing wrongs. They like to praise the officers for their work even when their work is wrong and unjust. They make it seems as if the officer always have probable cause for killing or beating a person they were attempting to arrest. The victim’s voice is missing. They let the officer speak, let them tell their side of the story and leave it as that. The victim is not heard by the media. Yes, some of the people that come to meet confrontations with an police officials are wrong and are suppose to be locked away. The media needs to bring both sides, both officer and suspects to the table. They do not need to keep it one sided. They perceive the victim/suspect as the villain who is attacking the hero, when in all reality it is the “hero” attacking the citizens. I want the stories of the victims, the stories of the officers who was in the wrong, and the stories of the people who witness the cruelty of the officer. I want the voices of the people to be heard. You can’t cross a bridge of fire with gasoline expecting not to explode. I want to tell the story of the officer who didn’t shoot, the story of the teen who grew up. The data from the CPDB, shows how there are little to no disciplinary actions taken towards the police officials. It shows how they only let the voice of the officers be heard, not the voice of them victim/suspect. The chief of the police needs to speak to us on this action, he/she from each district needs to let the people know why there was no disciplinary actions taken. The people needs answers and the chief of the districts can bring us those answers., some bad and some good. We could interview the people who filed the complaints, to see what did the officer had done to them.

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