Chicago Organizations Bolster Computer Literacy

According to an infographic by, the forecast of computer science related jobs in 2020 will be around 1,400,000. However, these opportunities aren’t being taken advantage of. The reason? The same infographic forecasts only 400,000 computer science students by 2020, leaving a gap of 1,000,000 jobs. It is organizations like these that prepare students to fill these positions. Real Chi Youth highlights organizations Blue 1647 and General Assembly, in how they prepare young students to be qualified for these future positions. In this profile piece, we speak with Lead Game Developer of Blue 1647, Joshua Engle, as well as Front-end Web Developer and General Assembly graduate, Ken Barrios, about the importance of computer literacy in the modern age. Going beyond the obvious applications of coding, such a web design and functional programming, speaking with Joshua Engle sheds light on coding as a method of problem solving and thinking outside of the box while bolstering confidence in the ideas of our youth. Ken discusses how technology has become a staple in today’s society and how it continues to evolve, making it imperative for students to learn coding from a young age.


By Antonio Williams, John McNamara, Nancy Garcia and Alexandria Johnson 

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