RCY Talks Controversy Surrounding Spike Lee’s “Chi-raq”

Chicago has adopted the notorious nickname “Chi-raq” because of the amount of recent violence that has taken place in the city. According to the RepublicBroadcasting.org article, 2015 Crime and Murder Stats for Chicago, 244 people has been shot and killed and 1,314 people have been shot and wounded since the beginning of 2015. There has been many efforts to help end Chicago’s violence, such as Put The Guns Down campaign. The City’s nickname is now being used as the title for the unreleased Spike Lee movie, Chi-raq. The title was revealed in May 2015 and has already caused controversy on whether or not this movie title is appropriate. This film will be based around the violence on the South Side Chicago Neighborhood, Englewood. Some residents believe the movie will focus on the negatives of Chicago’s violence as others believe that this film will shed light and reveal the truth related to the violence. In this audio piece, we spoke about the brief issues with the direction of the film, as the controversy with the film title, Chi-raq.

By Brey’ Mong-Delane and Johnny Thrower

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