West Side Pastor, Community Reclaim Their Block

North Lawndale ranks third highest for violent crimes out of 77 Chicago community areas,  according to the City of Chicago’s data portal. Despite multiple reports of quality of life crimes like sale of narcotics and gang recruitment, some residents and organizations are trying to improve safety and sense of community in North Lawndale. Real Chi Youth asked one man why he uses his own resources to build  brotherhood and peace in the North Lawndale community. Pastor Fred L. Johnson, founder and minister at Mt. Moriah #2 Baptist Church, works every year to coordinate toy, food, and clothing drives to keep this community well maintained. Yet his proudest achievement is the revival of a block club party at Harrison Street and Pulaski Road, where the last blocked club party was 50 years ago. In this piece, you will see how Pastor Johnson’s community efforts have positively impacted the community.

By KC Walker, Essence GreenPreston Robinson and Cyntia Herron

2 responses to “West Side Pastor, Community Reclaim Their Block

  1. Everyone is welcome to join us in our efforts and worship at Mt. Moriah#2 M.B. Church located 4013 W. Harrison, Chicago, Illinois 60624. Sunday Services: Sunday School 10:30 am- Morning Worship 11:45 am. Saturdays Choir Rehearsal 12 noon.
    We have Excellent Bible teaching. You will definitely learn the Word!
    “When Praises Goes Up, Blessings Come DOWN”!
    Contact # 773-612-8992 or 773-287-4133
    Pastor Rev, Fred L. Johnson, A.A, B.TH.

    We are in need of volunteers to work with our social service agency an extension of our church, Mount Moriah Social Service Agency located in our church 4013 W. Harrison. We have giveaways in the winter once a month (fourth Sunday)@ 10:30am- 2:30pm and twice a month in the summer. We give to the community new clothes, shoes, toys, food kits, school supplies, personal n household products. Our giveaways are supported by Mt. Moriah #2 Church, Toys for Tots and World vision Storehouse. For additional information call: 773-612-8992 or 773-287-4133

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