Comparing Environmental Services in Pilsen, North Lawndale

Pilsen is a neighborhood on the Lower West side of Chicago that has been gentrifying for decades — and even more rapidly the past couple of years. According to, a real estate new site, housing developers interest has been especially high as of late. Evidence of the changing demographics can be seen in the juice bars and impending condo developments, but also in the sanitation. The recent addition of recycling bins in the alleys and trash bins on the sidewalks differ from under-resourced neighborhoods such as North Lawndale that are forced to take cleaning the streets into their own hands, according to community members.

Real Chi Youth reporters Terranika Davis, Nory Grijalva, and Annie Zorn investigated these disparities by interviewing community members, activists, and educators who are well-versed in the politics of sanitation in order to find solutions to environmental injustice in Chicago. The conversations delved into the unequal spread of resources across the city and the impacts of gentrification on a neighborhood.

By Terranika DavisNory Grijalvaand Annie Zorn

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