Meet Real Chi Reporter: Terranika Davis

Hi, my name is Terranika Davis and I am from the city of Chicago in the North Lawndale Community. In my Current life situation I am preparing my self to attend IC (Illinois College) in Jacksonville this fall. I like to tell profile stories that are straight ahead with creditable sources that really gets to the main solution to solve a issue that I am passionate about. Some of my favorite topics to discuss are Economics, politics and social development. I plan to study mass communications as my major and minor in journalism in college. Hopefully I will further my career and become a reporter. The media in Chicago makes the city look like such a bad place . I think that Chicago’s media ¬†should switch up there perspectives on Chicago events and put more positive things in the news stream. With positive information being put out into the world I think that it will change the views of many people. Youth voices matter because we are the voices of the future and we need to start now to create the framework for a better place here in Chicago.

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