Meet Real Chi Reporter: Kyle Gise

Hi, my name is Kyle Gise I am student, future educator, creative director and most recently a Real Chi Youth reporter. My passion for creating opportunities and connecting people has lead me to the decision of wanting to educate the next generation of leaders in misrepresented communities. I flew to Chicago from Phoenix, Arizona to enrich my knowledge and understanding of the issues and opportunities located in Chicago. I want to report about the education system, violence and crime, and solutions to the inequalities we face daily. I want to voice with the youth. The things that should be changed about Chicago media are the stereotypes, and biases these create stigmas for not only others in our community, but the outsiders looking in. Youth voice is important because we are the next generation of leaders and innovators. The future lays within our hands, and it is important we have the proper tools to create a greater community and society as a whole. My favorite thing about Chicago is the fast paced environment, diversity, public transportation, and the platform to make a large impact while meeting serious citizens who are committed to action!