Meet Real Chi Reporter: Grace Barry

Grace Barry returns triumphant and more queer than ever before in this second summer working with Real Chi Youth. After her first and possibly last year of college, long hours spent writing, and her unrelenting love affair with naming the many dogs she will someday own (For the record, Roosevelt, Rockefeller, Bartlet, Eleanor, Pentecost, and Moritz), she returns to make media with her favorite people on the planet: The Real Chi Youth Team. This year, she hopes to dig deep into the de facto communities and found families in Chicago – places where people come together and problems are solved. Grace Barry will never pass up a chance to talk to people about good things and world building. In particular, she hopes to change the way Chicago media sensationalizes crime and violence while separating itself from the city it’s seated in. She hopes to build a lasting relationship with interviewees, the community, and the city itself. In a male-dominated industry fraught with ageism, Grace hopes to provide an alternative viewpoint to the issues that plague her city while diving into her favorite thing about Chitown: Everything.