Story Pitch: Illinois’ Schools Move Towards Less Severe Code of Conduct

In a recent study released by Chicago Public Schools for the 2013-2014 school year, 85,630 students were suspended and over 400 were expelled. African American students were disciplined the most, with Native American and Latino following. White students were suspended and expelled the least.

To combat the high suspension rate in Chicago, an Illinois state bill passed by the House of Representatives on Jun 21st 2015 will strictly limit suspension and expulsion rates across the state. The bill, also known as SB100, has passed both the Illinois House of Representatives and Senate, and was been sent to Governor Bruce Rauner on June 31st. Real Chi Youth will also speak with student activists in the VOYCE project and the Organization of the North East, as well as Project Nia’s initiative to keep ex-students out of the prison system. Chi Youth will also be speaking to students which were previously expelled from CPS.

by Grace Barry, Kyle Gise, Brey’ Mong-Delane, and Gabby Jakar