Meet Real Chi Youth Reporter: Sarah Ford

I am Reporter Sarah Ford, and I am a returning Real Chi Youth crew member. I haven’t worked with Real Chi Youth since the summer of 2014, but I did not stop reporting! Over the school year I was a reporter with FSM News Westside and we did stories on all types of things like why young girls shouldn’t be scared of menstruation. I like to tell stories about problems going on in my city’s communities. I like to tell these stories because in order for us to figure out a solution everyone needs to know what’s going on. I love Chicago media but sometimes I am absolutely disgusted with it. Chicago media can be really uniting sometimes. If something happens in Chicago everyone around the city would come together support the cause or just voice their opinions, and I love that. I believe in order to find a proper solution to a problem you need different people, different voices, different backgrounds, and different opinions. Despite this, Chicago media also has a way of tearing us apart within our own communities. People use media sometimes to enforce stereotypes, encourage ignorance, and to ignore the truth. This type of usage in media divides my city and poorly impacts younger generations. My favorite things about Chicago are the attractions and people. I love the attractions because they bring us together and help us to see the beauty in our city, and some of the people are the most down to earth, selfless, and sweetest people I’ve come across in my 17 years of life. My city has its problems but I couldn’t imagine loving any other city more than Chicago!

By Sarah Ford 

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