Meet Real Chi Youth Reporter: Carolina Gallo

I am Carolina J. Gallo 21 year old xicana from Chicago Lawn; returning for Real chi Youth summer session. Since, I left Real Chi Youth I have been working as a teaching artist at ElevArte Community Studio in Pilsen. This summer I would achieve my dream to write a documentary on undocumented students in higher education, along with a story on gentrification in Pilsen. One thing I would change about Chicago media is the weekly and monthly concentration on homicide rates and instead talk about the great things Chicago communities are doing. I especially think what the youth are doing to create a brighter Chicago is important, which is vital because youth voices are the drive that keeps Chicago going towards a great city for generations to come. That is my favorite thing about Chicago–its heart and that can be seen in the diverse communities of this great city, my city.

By Carolina Gallo