Meet Real Chi Reporter: Tyshawn Martin

My name is Tyshawn Martin. I have been with Real Chi for only one semester, and i’m very lucky to be able to come back for another session. So far this summer I’ve been going in and out of town to visit my cousin who recently moved with my grandmother. We basically do the same routine every time I visit which is video games, and play basketball. Although I love sleeping in late during the summer I am stoked to have to wake up early to come to Real Chi. Some of the stories I want to capture with RCY is the police brutality that’s been taking place in America because as a black man in Chicago this harsh violence can easily happen to me and my peers. Also possibly give people a fun, and inside look on the possible president candidates to help inform people about the possible new presidents. Some things that Chicago media does well is inform society about the violence in the city which they probably do because it keeps the network ratings high. Something Chicago media does bad is never show the good things that’s happening in Chicago which they probably do because the violence overshadows the good. My favorite thing about Chicago is the sports. I love how no matter how bad a team plays the fans will always support and rep their Chicago teams. I feel as if the sports brings everyone together, it’s just a good vibe.

By Tyshawn Martin

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