Meet Real Chi Reporter: Preston Robinson

My name is Preston Robinson and being a returning journalist to Real Chi, I am well rested and enthusiastic Journalist. For the past two weeks of vacation i have had a loveable father’s day with my son and engaging in different activities around chicago to get a grasp around story topics.  Stories around the senior citizens homes and the LGBTQ community are sadly never reported and need to heard. Senior citizen should have someone in the youth technology world that can share views that they have in common and to assure their safety in these living quarters. Chicago media is majority based upon the youth violence on the south and west side, due to the fact of Chicago being a mixed pack of cultures and not everybody seeing eye to eye. Youth doesn’t understand how their voices matter, but that voice is what makes up the problems, solutions, and opinion upon topics that can give them a better chance at life. The most valuable and favorite thing of chicago is that even though chicago is a rough city, the people within these walls stand as one when needed and no is left behind.

By Preston Robinson

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