Meet Real Chi Reporter Michael Key Jr.

A new addition to the Real Chi Youth (RCY) team is Michael Key Jr. Michael is a trained filmmaker and post production editor.

After gaining four years of experience in Chicago’s After School Matters program for video production with Community TV Network (CTVN) and building multiple successful appearances in various niches (Music, short film, etc.), he has now changed focus to community relative journalism and public speaking.


You will find that his approach is direct. Over the last 3 and a half years its development has shown spirit and has inspired some amazingly popular discussions. A podcast that attracted 2,432 listens in a week’s period.


More clearly, he would love to give community intuitive work. The voices of our residents in Chicago are not being paid attention to and now with the city’s “Building a New (Gentrified) Chicago”  signs going up, the voices of Humboldt, Logan, Lake Shore, Austin, and etc. need to be heard.

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