Meet Real Chi Reporter: KC Walker

My name is KC and I was born and raised on the westside of Chicago. My goal in life is to become a Cook County Sheriff or a Chicago Police Officer. My grandfather was a Cook County Sheriff and he told me stories about his adventures and his experiences of being apart of the law. His stories motivated me to grow up just like him. Also, another passion of mines is media. Media production brings out my intellect as well as my devotion to do better than others. In the summer of 2014 I bumped into the law when I made a very horrible mistake. So, most of my stories are planned to be based on my experiences with the law as well as other Chicagoans’ experiences with the law. My goal with the media I make is to brighten a positive light on the youth that is in the process of growing up and to be a positive influence within the media I create.Chicago media now-a-days is mainly focused on drugs, killing, and black on black crime.So, there should be a new type of media being created. A change I think that should be made to Chicago media is to make it more positive. Media is used to influence people so influence the people is a positive way so that they could make positive decisions.Youth voices matter because the youth knows what influences them. Some youth could care less what they see or hear because they’ve already been influenced. But youth such as me and Real Chi are changing the influence. We are making positive stories so communities can hear a positive voice.

By KC Walker

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