Meet Real Chi Reporter: Evie Lacroix

My name is Evie Lacroix, I am an 19 year old journalist and storyteller, born and raised in Chicago, who now goes to school in Washington DC attending American University to study journalism and political science. I fell in love with reporting when I fell in love with Chicago. It is Studs Terkel walking down Division Street, and talking to the people most forgotten. I want to use journalism as a vehicle for storytelling that creates a space open to dialogue across individuals, communities, and structures that are cast in the shadow of the “if it bleeds, it reads” headlines dominating media today. I want to be able to tell stories of political importance, investigating the relationship Chicago has to politics. How people connect to civics, and how communities connect to politics in ways that differ from the machine that has been in place for generations. In telling these stories it is important to facilitate these conversations with youth voices. The people of this city who have an infinite pool of wisdom and drive when it comes to changing this city, but are constantly left out of this conversation.

by Evie Lacroix

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