Meet Real Chi Reporter: Essence Green

My name is Essence Green. Since the last time Real Chi Youth have seen me, I have been a part of FSM News West. Being with FSM News West I’ve improved on my communication skills, editing skills, and learned to keep up the news more to know my surroundings. I also just finished up my long,tiring junior year of highschool and learn to always give your all in everything that you do no matter what. This summer I will be with RCY for the second time. As a reporter for RCY this summer i would like to tell stories about the positive things youth does,inequality,events and program that positively impact the youth and community, and gentrification in chicago. I want to do these stories because these things are not brought up enough in the media and it brings up the problems that needs to delet with. My goals this summer is to improve my editing skills because editing is a very important process when producing a piece. I would also like to improve my writing and networking skills that will follow me years from now. In Chicago’s media, One thing I will I would change is the unequal amount of negative and positive things put out into the media because it gives this false advertisement of what Chicago really is and what Chicago is really about. Youth voice matters because it shows people that youth is more than what media shows the world and that youth can impact the community and lead the future well. My favorite thing about Chicago is all the event and support that is given in communities to help other and give youth better opportunities.

By Essence Green 

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