Meet Real Chi Reporter: Alexandria Johnson

My name is Alexandria and I am a veteran of Real Chi Youth. This year, I completed my Senior Project, which targeted homelessness and gentrification in Chicago. I also graduated from North Lawndale College Prep this year and will be attending North Central College for Biology and Pre-Dentistry.

This year, I would like to focus more on the housing crisis and the economic issues in Chicago; I feel like even though these issues are occurring, people aren’t going to the right people for the help they need, and it’s mainly because there are very few sources that offer help.

One thing that the Chicago media needs to change is the way they portray Chicago. I don’t think they show the positive side of Chicago, but they also don’t show any serious problem, other than gun violence. We can do much better when giving information.

Without the youth voices, Chicago wouldn’t know as much as they do. With that being said, YOUTH VOICES NEED TO BE HEARD!

My favorite thing about Chicago is the diversity we have. There are so many races that live here, and I thinks it’s a great thing.

By Alexandria Johnson 

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