Meet Real Chi Reporter: Brey’ Mong-Delane

I am Brey’ and this is my second year working alongside with Real Chi Youth. Along with being a reporter, I am an English education major and writer. Forever will I be about peace and love, bringing on a strong passion for education, teaching and children. Through teaching, we are able to communicate and help shape the minds of our youth. Teaching is much more than just instilling educational lessons into our youth, it’s about influencing students and being able to connect, communicate and understand. As an education major, it’s our job to make sure students understand why education is important and making sure they walk away with deeper understandings than just what they learned in class.

The stories that I want to tell this year will mostly touch on education, violence and ways to find peace within yourself and your community. Right now, the biggest issue with Chicago seems to be surrounded around violence, therefore ‘making peace’ is my number one choice for stories. Chicago’s media also plays a large role in the way violence is seen and talked about. The media often focuses on the negative messages of violence but hardly show the peaceful side of people and ways they are trying to change. Youth voices matter simply because young mind often offer the wisdom we need.

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