Kuumba Lynx Builds Community, Fills Arts Ed Gap and Reigns as LTAB Team Champs

In the year of 2015, Bruce Rauner announced his suggestion to cut a good percentage of the funding that goes to the Illinois Arts Council. Many individuals, including those who work to fufill the necessity of art education, are against this proposal. Fortunately, non-profit groups, specifically Kuumba Lynx, which formed under three young women, Jaquanda Villegas Jacinda Bullie, and Leyda Garcia has collected a ton of students to be involved in and learn of the arts as a replacement since 1996. Since many of these students don’t have the opportunity to get a full arts education at school, so Kuumba Lynx has successfully helped to fill that void. This program was chosen as a project to profile in order to learn about alternative spaces for arts education outside of schools where it isn’t provided as much due to Chicago’s historic and recent budget cuts in that area. Kuumba Lynx has become part of the solution amongst many other groups to create a space for students to educate themselves in the arts. In addition, other organizations around Illinois, such as Ingenuity, are dedicated to the purpose of funding schools that lack resources that give their students an art education.

By:  Ty-Shawn Martin, Garyn Richards and Gabriella Jaker