From Kenwood to Hermosa: A Poet’s Intricate Journey to Grandma’s House

The natural way for people to get around in the City of Chicago is through the Chicago Transit Authority, also known as the CTA. Although this may be the most common way for transit, it’s not the easiest. Real Chi Youth is focused on a project about the daily transit commute of young adults in Chicago.

We interviewed a young sophomore from Kenwood Academy, Sara Geiger. She spoke about recent move from the north to the south side, and her daily commute from home to school. Usually during her free time after school she would either go visit her Grandmother, or spend time with the Young Chicago Authors group. During this interview, Sara discussed the amount of time she spends on traveling throughout the City when she goes different places. Since her Grandmother lives far North, it is sometimes hard for her to stay long enough when she visits because of timing.

“I think I’m a renaissance girl of Chicago,” Sara said of her various travels and ambitions.

By Grace Barry and Alexandria Johnson 

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