Story Pitch: Poet Finds Her Way Through Transit Deserts

One in ten residents in Cook County are said to live in a ‘transit desert’, or an area with limited public transit options. These residents commonly take over 90 minutes to get to work or to school, which can endanger their jobs or cut them off from places of opportunity. Real Chi Youth is seeking out stories of those who have experience with transit deserts. In our fourth installment of our transit theme, we will follow poet and student Sara Geiger as she navigates through the dearth of transit in Chicago. Geiger will be making the commute from her Hyde Park home, to Young Chicago Authors in Wicker Park, and later to visit her grandmother in Hermosa. The route from Hyde Park to Wicker Park to Hermosa can take more than two hours to cross, and Geiger has thoughts on the changes in public transit and in the city that she would like to share.

By Grace Barry and Alexandria Johnson