From Englewood to the South Loop: Will I Get to Work on Time?

Real Chi Youth researches Chicago CTA public transit service to figure out how CTA can get better at providing transportation for the public. We interviewed Kewanna Nelson who is an employee for Target and travels from Englewood to the South Loop in Chicago. The biggest issue is that most employees who take CTA  have to worry about getting to work on time because the buses are inaccurate at arrival times. It is important that buses are on time in the windy city. It can get extremely cold and many would have to wait at bus and train stops for an increasing amount of time just to get to work or to short distance places, according to Nelson.

“My best experience with CTA is when the bus is on time, usually when i’m leaving out i’m going to work so I need to make sure what time i’m going to be there, how long its going to take me to get there,” she told RCY.

By Terranika Davis, Kelsey Phillips and Evan Spralls 

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