Meet Real Chi Youth Reporter: Gabriella Jakar

Hey Hello My Name Is Gabriella and I was born on the West Side of Chicago. I spent part of my life on the North Side but now at 20 years of age I am currently residing on the South Side of Chicago, which is becoming quite an experience for my early years of womanhood.

Real Chi Youth means to me a group of beautiful, powerful teenage and young adults that get out in the community and try to better themselves and other people. We also produce media coverage and try to get others involed  with the betterment of the community and try to change people’s mindset to get off the streets and keep focusing on what’s important in life. We also try to focus on what people think about Chicago and getting rid of all the negative stereotypes that other people have about the community because of what they hear or see on the news which is not always accurate.

The issue I would like to cover would consist of the gang and street violence that you see almost everyday on the streets of Chicago. To me gang violence is the most unnecessary, idiotic time-consuming activity that the young males and certain females do. It causes too many shootings and fights and acts of violence that could be avoided if people would find other positive things to do with there time instead of standing on the corner or starting fights and different things.

My opinion on the media coverage in Chicago is that the news reporters and detectives don’t cover everything or get all the facts right a lot of the time. A lot of the time they only get half of the incident or they use what they find and put together what they think is accurate, which is not always the case. Real Chi Youth gets out on the streets to find the real story and get down in-depth into what really happened and what may have started the situation or the conflict.

By Gabriella Jakar 

One response to “Meet Real Chi Youth Reporter: Gabriella Jakar

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