Meet Real Chi Youth Reporter: Antonio Williams

My name is Antonio Williams, and I am from the west side of Chicago. In one word, I’d say that I’m a thinker. I think about everything. I love music, both listening and playing music. I also enjoy inquisitive journalism and philosophy, especially about human nature. I love how diverse Chicago is, and despite how segregated it is, Chicago offers a large array of cultural knowledge.

Real Chi Youth, to me, means a chance to experiment and learn. It allows me to act upon creative impulses and use different mediums to convey messages. Simply, Real Chi Youth allows me to be what I am, a thinker, and use that to help others and discover more about myself in the process.

Some issues I would like to discuss are the issues of segregation in Chicago as well as the school to prison pipeline. I would also like to dig deeper in how the underrepresented population in Chicago lives, and how they effect the city as a whole.

I believe the media in Chicago is extremely biased.  The news either shows the high death count of minorities, predominantly African Americans, or show how people of color come together to dispute violence only after something negative has happened.Rarely does it show people of color on equal terms with other races. Real Chi Youth can help balance out these negative aspects of Chicago’s media by highlighting the positive aspects of all neighborhoods in Chicago.

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