From the Loop to West Lawn: A College Senior Juggles Work, School and Friends

Joseph Mora is a senior at Harold Washington College. In his free time he is a teaching artist at Enlace in Little Village and has previously worked for Yollocalli Arts Reach. Real Chi took the CTA pink line and followed Joseph to dropping off some t-shirts he made to sell at a coffee shop in Pilsen. Some of the things that bother  Mora about his intricate commutes are the inaccuracies of the CTA bus tracker, and having to wait too long for the bus. Despite that, he does believe that CTA is very convenient for him in his travels as it pertains to its accessibility.

This winter he will graduate from Harold Washington College and lose his U-Pass. Listen in to hear Mora speak in-depth from the perspective of the average college student trying to stay motivated.

Produced by Jaylon Jones and Manesha Barnes

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