From Hazel Crest to North Lawndale: A Valedictorian’s 2-Hour Trek to School

For more than 50 years, CTA has provided transportation for many Chicago students, teachers, parents, and other residents. Real Chi Youth has dedicated time to investigate the pros and cons of the CTA system, specifically focusing on young people who often travel far distances to get to school, work and more. Sidney Trotter, a RCY reporter and senior at North Lawndale College Prep located on the Chicago’s West Side, travels a total of a four hour commute back and forth from school each day.

On one cold morning, RCY reporters Garyn Richard, Antonio Williams, and Andrea Hart gathered downtown to proceed for their trip to the south side of Chicago to meet Sidney Trotter for an interview based on CTA experiences. Inquiries about safety protocols, bus timing reliability, and finances spent on her daily commute were discussed during this interview along with other measures pertaining to CTA.

By Garyn Richards, Antonio Williams and Sidney Trotter

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