From 69th to Wilson: Traveling the Red Line with Kuumba Lynx Siblings

Siblings Clayton and Destiny travel nearly two hours to get to after school art programs at Kuumba Lynx in Uptown. Clatyon is a sophomore at Harper High School while his sister is a freshman at Simeon Career Academy. They meet three times a week at the 69th CTA Red Line Station to head north. Kuumba Lynx is an art education and youth development organization.

With 54 schools closing in the city of chicago student are now dealing with longer waits and harder commute times. One of the biggest issues students are facing is getting a reduced fare, according to Clayton. “Youth should have free transportation,” he said.

Meanwhile, “problems with the new CTA fare system Ventra have triggered legal action. A class action lawsuit has been filed,” according to

Both brother and sister are campaigning with other Kuumba Lynx members for free CTA fares.

Produced By: Tyshawn Martin, Gabby Jakar and Johnny Thrower

Music By: Antonio Williams








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