Story Pitch: Inside a Kuumba Lynx Artist’s Commute

Real Chi Youth is going into the world of the everyday CTA commuter. Kuumba lynx ( a group of youth poets and artist) is also doing a project about CTA prices being to expensive and has allowed us to follow one of their poets on their far journey across Chicago. CTA has 1,865 buses that operate over 127 routes and 1,354 route miles, according to their website. However, in certain parts of Chicago public transportation is very scarce–About 1 out of every 10 people in Cook County, roughly 438,500 residents, live in “transit deserts” that are
cut off from fast, frequent train and bus service, according to a new analysis that for the first time identifies dozens of Chicago-area mass transit dead zones and maps them in relation to major job clusters. . Some locations where public transportation isn’t scarce the trains and buses are very dangerous and unsanitary which has cause complaints from citizens. RCY will be shadowing a poet on their commute and witness firsthand how difficult it could be for them to travel across Chicago. We will hope to uncover some of the CTA flaws that most people don’t encounter and help push ideas to fix them.

By Tyshawn Martin, Johnny Thrower and Gabriella Jakar

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