Meet Real Chi Reporter: Manesha Renee Barnes

I am nineteen years old and like 3/4, being that my birthday is in the next three months! I love to make all types of media however my favorite types of media to make are music videos, PSA’s, and short films. The thing I love the most about Chicago is that it has lots of interesting, amazing attractions, and beautiful things about it aside from the horrible, distasteful things that are often reported. Real Chi Youth means having a voice. It means being able to talk about the things that I want to talk about in the way that I want to talk about them. The kind of stories I like telling are stories hat not a lot of people talk or hear about. I mainly like to tell stories that hit on people’s emotions and makes them think about and contemplate their life and the things going on in it. Media coverage in Chicago is very negative this is why I do not watch the news. I feel news stations are the best at worrying people this is why I do not like to watch the news. If something is really important I feel I will know about it regardless of if I watch the news or not. Real Chi Youth can change negative media coverage by reporting more positive, eye opening, and mind changing topics and stories that reach people in a enlightening way….Thats it.


By: Manesha Renee Barnes