Meet Real Chi Reporter: Sharonda Clark

My name is Sharonda Clark, but my FSM family knows me as Ronnie. I’m 19 years old, and if I had to describe myself as a filmmaker in one word, it would be an activist. I am really strong on using my voice and being a voice for others, no matter what the case may be. I’m from Chicago, and what I love about this city is the hustle and bustle of the people. Everyone is so alive and moving, and seeing that makes me motivated to keep moving within my own life.

To me, Real Chi Youth means that we, the young people, are taking advantage of the power we have to be a voice for the generations and the change in our city. Some things I would like to speak out on are what’s really prominent today- the youth violence, the U.S. role in the ISIS situation, and the government and how it effects the U.S. These issues are filtered and fed to us the way the higher people want us to perceive them, but in reality everything that we are shaded from are having the greatest effects on us.

I personally feel like we don’t really know what and who to trust when it comes to the news, and especially the way Chicago is represented. There are so many neighborhoods, so many different places that get exploited or put in the dark, but as a whole we are definitely misrepresented. I would like to see more positivity on the news, and instead of having people speak out on what’s not being done, show people that are trying to doing something about it and want others to join in. With that being said, that’s where RealChiYouth comes in. We’re the youth of the generation with no brakes- we’re aiming for positivity, change, and unity for us all.

By Ronnie Clark

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